The Science Behind Energy Healing

You’ve heard me talk A LOT about energetic and subconscious blocks to love.

And in working with hundreds of women all over the world, I’ve found that THE
most important factor
in calling in a healthy and loving relationship is clearing
these blocks to love at an energetic level.

So what exactly does this mean and why is it so important for attracting love?

I’ve just interviewed Lianne Schwartz, Master Thought Field Therapy Expert about exactly this.

Lianne is writing her PhD dissertation on Energy Psychology and how it helps us with
emotional healing. She’s been studying the science behind energy healing for over 15
years. I sat down with her in Bali last week and asked her to share her knowledge with

I know you’re busy, so we kept it short and sweet.

Just take 15 minutes to listen to this interview  and you’ll have a much deeper understanding
of how the energetic tools in Soulmate School will help you to create a relationship that
will make your heart and body sing!

You can just push play and listen here or download the file and take it on the go :)

Click here to listen…

Click here to download…

So if you know that you are ready to truly clear your blocks to love and allow an amazing man into your life…

Click here to enroll in Soulmate School today!


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